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About Us

Sussex Art Prints was set up by Stefan Mucha and Amanda Lewis-Clements, two East Sussex based graphic designers/artists inspired by their local landscapes and natural environment.

"Our process is an entirely digital workflow. Generally, we have drawn inspiration for our artwork from local landscapes and nature's creatures - great and small. Using digital tools, we strive to create a minimalist aesthetic by simplifying image shapes and using a pared-down colour palette in the final artworks. We also set out to create artwork that visually compliments each other when hung together".

Amanda has a background in graphic design and illustration. Amanda worked as a senior designer in advertising and marketing agencies in Sussex and Kent. Over the years Amanda has developed a keen interest in Photography and expertise using Adobe Creative Cloud.

Stefan previously trained in marketing communications and print design and was a creative director in marketing and advertising design agencies creating award-winning advertising campaigns for a number of blue-chip multi-national technology leaders.

Stefan is also a keen marquetarian and creates hand-cut marquetry art pieces with wood veneers and mixed media in a unique contemporary minimalist style. As well as creating marquetry art pieces Stefan uses the same techniques to design and make one-off clock designs. His marquetry art pieces can be found on Instagram @artmarquetryuk and his clock designs at