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All Wrapped Up...

Packed with care

At Sussex Art Prints we give the same care and attention to packing as we do in creating and producing our Fine Art Prints and related products.

Each print is carefully wrapped within two sheets of protective white ph-neutral tissue paper before being gently rolled and packed into a robust postal tube ready for delivery to our customers. 


…Unwrapping Your Print

1. Carefully remove your print from the postal tube, taking care not to damage the edges of the print.

2. Your print will arrive wrapped between two sheets of PH neutral white tissue paper, to protect both sides of the print. Gently unwrap the ends of the folded tissue paper …, remove the tissue paper from the reverse of the print and place the tissue on a flat, clean and dry surface, then turn the print (image side) face down onto the tissue paper, (photo A) taking care not to touch the printed image to keep it clean and blemish-free. The remaining sheet of tissue paper can be used to place on top of the facing-up plain side of the print (photo B), to keep it unmarked.


3. Place something flat and heavy on top of the print carefully making sure that no edges of the print get tucked under the print. Preferably leave overnight or until the print flattens out.  Books (photo C) make an ideal weight but you can use any item that is flat and clean.

4. Now your print should be flat and ready to attach to a mount and frame as you wish.


Enjoy your artwork!